Technical SEO Website Audit

What's a technical SEO website audit? Well, think back to the last time you took your car or truck into the shop for a checkup. The mechanic probably changed the oil and replaced a filter or two. They also might have provided you with a point-by-point inspection of your automobile showing you exactly how it’s performing and what kinds of changes might be necessary in the future.

That’s a great analogy for a technical search engine optimization audit: it’s a deeper inspection of your business website so that you can see how it’s running and where you might need to think about some repairs.

Although most business owners think of SEO as “content, keywords, and links,” the reality is that Google and the other search engines take 200+ factors (including user experience, speed, content, and structure) into consideration when evaluating sites for relevance and placement. Make a few simple errors and it can be impossible for your website to rank well (or attract customers) no matter what else you have done.

In a website audit, we look at the technical sides of your site, looking for anything that affects site performance. $1200

What Do You Get With This SEO Audit Service?

My full SEO audit covers 65+ different areas, including:

Basic Website Check – there are several on-page factors we need to explore, including all page titles, the use and placement of headlines, the effectiveness of meta descriptions, and more.

Full Website Crawl – a detailed site crawl evaluates technical factors the way a search engine would, with special emphasis placed on speed, link placement, indexing issues, canonical URLs, and other factors that business owners and executives might not normally consider.

Web Analytics Review – your web statistics tell a story. I don’t just evaluate your pages from Google’s perspective, but will also study rankings, time-on-site figures, bounce rates, and conversion metrics to help you maximize sales opportunities.

Q&A Follow-Up Session – have questions about SEO, your site, or just digital marketing in general? I'll make sure you leave your audit with the answers and recommendations you’re looking for.

At the end of all of that, you'll receive a PDF report and a 1-hour call to discuss my findings.

Want to Get Your Website Checked for Errors?

My SEO technical audits are quick and affordable, with most being finished within 7 to 10 business days. And of course, they come with the kind of clear answers and personal attention that have made SEO Artisan such a hit with clients. Best of all, they give you the insights you need to start bringing new leads or customers into your business.

Mini Technical SEO Audit

All of the features of a full technical audit, but automated, with light human review! $750

• Review of all technical aspects of website
• Page speed review
• Basic website content review
• Basic review of keyword strategy
• Review title, descriptions, anchor text, ALT tags, internal and external linking
• Basic review of site structure and navigation
• Review search engine rankings for important metrics
• Machine-generated report on findings, with light human review