Digital PR

rack of newspapersWhat's Digital PR? you may be saying. Digital PR is a technique being used to increase brand awareness for companies just like yours. I will stay abreast of news and changes in areas related to your industry and find public relations opportunities. Basically, I will build relationships with journalists on your behalf and reach out to them wherever is reasonable for your goals.

Example: A journalist is looking for dentists who can comment about the importance of tooth brushing for one's health. You're a dentist! You know this! I have you give me your reply and I then craft a pitch to that journalist. They might use your quote in their article and sometimes will give you a backlink. Sometimes they won't, but you're still getting your name out there in the digital world. And that can't hurt. This is just one scenario, but think bigger as the program develops and time goes on with little seeds being planted for your brand. Next thing you know, you've had a featured article on NPR and folks are banging down your doors.


A lot of times this technique can also result in backlinks to your site, giving you more "E.A.T." credibility with the search engines (E.A.T. = Expertise, Authority, Trust). There's no reason to not give it a shot.

$500-$1500 monthly, depending upon how aggressive you want to be. The more you spend, the more time I can spend making journalist friends on your behalf.