Content SEO Website Audit

As with my technical audit, a content SEO website audit will be as in-depth as your site is. $1200.

My full SEO audit covers 65+ different areas, including:

Basic Website Check – there are several on-page factors we need to explore, including all page titles, the use and placement of headlines, the effectiveness of meta descriptions, and more.

Content Check – is your web content geared for maximum visibility? I can review and identify duplicated, plagiarized, or recycled content that has been indexed across more than one domain. I can also help you find content quality issues that stop your pages from standing out.

Keyword and Search Term Analysis – SEO can’t work unless you know what your potential customers are searching for, and you emphasize the right keywords and phrases on your website. Let's see what you need to prioritize.

Web Analytics Review – your web statistics tell a story. I don’t just evaluate your pages from Google’s perspective, but will also study time-on-site figures, bounce rates, and conversion metrics to help you maximize sales opportunities.

Customized SEO Strategy Recommendations – data is nothing without a good plan to follow. I can show you how to take what you’ve learned from your content audit and move forward… whether you work with SEO Artisan or want to tackle the project on your own.

Q&A Follow-Up Session – have questions about SEO, your site, or just digital marketing in general? We’ll make sure you leave your audit with the (white hat) answers and recommendations you’re looking for.