Affordable SEO For Small Business

Moving Your Business Into First Place

Ok, so you have your business website. It’s beautiful and it looks perfect. You’re positive it’s going to bring you more business. Problem is, it’s not doing that. What went wrong?

affordable seo - what a concept!Well… You did the research, right? You know your target and their pain points. You are using all of the “right” social outlets and, well, you got bupkus.

Actually, it doesn’t matter if they can relate to your site content if…Hmmm… can your target even find your site content? And if they do, is it actually speaking to them?

Let’s get your site found. And found by the right people. And get you those conversions!

Worst of all, your site may not have been optimized to be found…and to be found by the right people.

If your site isn’t getting traffic (and are you even monitoring that?), that’s a problem. If your site is getting traffic, are those visitors ones that will convert into customers? And are they people who could become your ideal customers?

This is where  SEO Artisan comes in (kind of like a superhero!) As a team, you and I will whip that site into shape — the optimal customer magnet.

Affordable SEO for Small Business: Invest In Yours

seoArtisan specializes in affordable SEO for small businesses. My team and I will optimize your WordPress site, maintain it, and work to bring you backlinks and therefore, more traffic. We’ll consult with you on digital marketing tactics that will enhance your online profile and help you implement techniques that will bring in customers and grow your business. And at a fraction of the cost of what big agencies’ services will cost. Take a look at my services and see!


Proofreading. I spy with my little eye. Whether it’s a typo or a misspelling, it’s an honest mistake. Let’s fix it!

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